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Anonymous said: fan girls are dumb and so is radke

so are people who message a blog about a person they don’t even like

like please tell me what the point is hahaha

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Anonymous said: It's cute that we all have different experiences with him. Some love him some hate him. I personally don't like him at all. Met him at bury the hatchet tour and he was a total dick to the entire group of us. Do I like FIR? Yes I do. Ron Ficarro was super sweet and so was Jacky. I'm not hating on ronnie because I love the band but he's got one hell of a bad temper and is not at all friendly. I guess it depends on his mood but I love him as the singer of fir but don't care for his personality.

Yeah, I understand completely where you’re coming from. He definitely is one of those people you either love or hate but I guess he’s just being him aha

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Anonymous said: I'm really happy that y'all had good experiences with ronnie but I sent in a ask sharing my 2 experiences with him and they were both bad. Please remember, I am NOT a hater. I loved ronnie more than the air I breathe but he was rude both times. I guess I'm a little jealous of all of you who had good meet and greets with him. I understand being mad once, but twice? Come on. I've spent a lot of money on fir merch. Is it asking a lot for a simple pic? I don't think so.

No I totally understand! Anyone who meets someone they look up to wants a good experience with them. I’m not making excuses for him because I agree he could at least fake it for his fans on a bad day but I think it’s just his personality that doesn’t deal well with a lot of stress and fans all over him. Also remember that sometimes they’re not allowed to take pictures! 

Anyway I totally get where you’re coming from and I hope if you meet him again it’ll be different!

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0riginality-is-lost said: I met Ronnie at warped 2 weeks ago at a meet & greet and he was beyond polite. He shook my hand, asked me my name, etc. I asked him for a picture and he said "well you're not supposed to but hey yeah that's fine" so he even broke the rules and made an exception for me. Idk why people have anything against the guy, he was super sweet and his past mistakes shouldn't define him.

Aw that’s nice (:

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Anonymous said: People who hate on Ronnie are clearly not paying attention to anything the man stands for these days. He knows he's been an asshole, he knows he made a lot of mistakes, he is trying to make amends with his past and when stupid people keep bringing it up all they are doing is saying "No, I don't want you to get better. You need to stay an asshole so I have someone to hate." And that is really, REALLY pathetic. (Sorry to add to all the Ronnie messages, I just felt this needed to be said.)

No I totally agree with you!

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Anonymous said: Everyone says ronnie was so rude when they met him and he was really nice to me when I met him I didn't even say anything cuz I was so happy to meet him and as I almost passed him he said hi how r u and smiled I just said I'm fine and smiled. Idk y he is so mean to other people I think he's really nice

I think he’s only mean to people who deserve it or if he’s in a bad mood really lol

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Anonymous said: I love how Ronnie makes fun of all the stupid shit he has done in the past. For example, today he told asked the crowd if they wanted some mic stands. Everyone laughed and so did he and after he said "Haha Just Kidding!". He has changed a lot and he is one of the best performers on stage. Many people are stuck in the past and don't really give a shit.

I totally agree!! I love his attitude

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eliminate-or-hate said: At the 5 FiR shows I've been too, never once personally seen Ronnie Radke being a dickhead to anyone who didn't provoke him. If you're nice, he will treat you nicely, so if you wanna meet the guys go for it.

I definitely agree

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Anonymous said: 2nd time I met him was during the Thug in me is you tour. few dates aftr ISS nonsense, problems with the crazy ex. Was talking publicially on FB with someone bashing Ronnie saying he was a woman beater, long story short I was critical of Ronnie, but by being real so was the other person and agreed with me that nobody really knows what happened except for those involved. I was judgemental. Think he reconigzed me by the look on his face at the M&G. I just said hey. He wasn't hostile towards me.

..hm interesting. Idk what to say other than I guess it depends on what’s going on. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but I’m sure he gets fed up with people giving him crap. That’s just how I see it.

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eliminate-or-hate said: I've met him twice. Brief, both times he was a little grumpy. Once was at Warped 2012, it was hot out and people were being douchebags and there were seriously 50 people who PAID for an autograph and another 50 who were in line hoping for one, they didn't sign for everybody who didn't pay but there was this girl crying and begging at the front of the line, had been waiting pretty much the longest out of anyone, they signed for her.


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Anonymous said: Everyone keeps trash talking Ronnie Radke and if you mention him somewhere and people know the name they'll say something bad about it. Some people say they had a good experience while others say a bad and honestly the people who say they had a good experience kind of make me want to meet Falling In Reverse and Ronnie even more. I want a first hand opinion of the man and he's probably one of the only musicians I want to meet at the moment. Have you met him before?

In my experience, people seem to take on the most popular opinion. If the media or say, another band member, trash talks someone, that becomes the popular opinion and all the people who are too dumb to think for themselves follow that opinion. 

Yeah Ronnie has done stupid things but so has every single person who talks shit about him, lol.

Anyway, yes I have met him but it was very brief. He looked me in the eye and gave me a genuine smile and said hi though. He didn’t seem like a monster to me.

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anastasiaxmari said: Yeah, it wasn't bad but I feel like if I was one of the last people in line then it wouldn't be worth it.But at least Jacky and Max let people take pictures with them when they came out to make up for not being able to take them when the whole band was out. I'm sure they were tired too, at least there wasn't any crazy fangirls around that day to annoy them.

Yeah, that’s true! Just different personalities I guess!

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anastasiaxmari said: I just met the band 5 days ago at Warped Tour. I waited about 2 hours in line and was the 5th person in line. They were only meeting 100 fans which is understandable since meeting everyone would have taken forever! Jacky and Max came out early. But when the rest came out the whole thing took like 5 seconds.I understand they wanted to keep everyone moving but they wouldn't even say hi, I had to say hi first and i asked how they were and didn't even get any responses. Only Ryan asked how I was :/

Yeahh, I get how that’s disappointing :/ I think those things can get very stressful for them especially doing it almost every day but I obviously get that you and everyone else expected a little more 

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Anonymous said: I met Ronnie last June. I stayed after a show and he came out after and met about 30 people who waited for him. He didn't have to (he was trying to leave) but he did it anyway. He made sure each of us had a picture and something signed. He was super nice and funny. I guess everyone has a different experience.

Yeah I’ve heard mostly good things from people who’ve met him actually! I was at a signing and he was very friendly so I guess it depends on the day who knows

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Anonymous said: Guys!! Help!! I've been a fan of Ronnie's since he started falling in reverse. I met him at warped 2012. He was extremely rude to me. I didn't say anything other then nice to meet you ronnie I'm a big fan and he wouldn't look at me, shake my hand or take a pic. He ripped my cd open breaking the cover and signed the cd before passing it down to the others. I forgave him cuz I thought he had a bad day. Well, he did it to me a few days ago again. I'm done with him. ~ Forever broken hearted 😢

Idk what to say to this but if that happened I’m sorry

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