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Anonymous asked: What happened between Ronnie and Crissy? Is he allowed contact with Willow?

Ronnie cheated on her during her pregnancy/their engagement. And yes, I believe he’s allowed! 

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Anonymous asked: who is pick up the phone written about?do you know? gee it might not even be written about anyone right cuz he wrote it in jail and its not like he was dating anyone in there



Yeah, I always just assumed it was written about someone he dated before prison!

He explained it at one of his concerts he wrote it about whatever girl or girls said that he abused them. I think he said something like, “This song is about something that didn’t happen but some crazy bitch said it did.”

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bvblover99 asked: Idk if you guys know but there is a guy/girl hating on Ronnie and Jenna they are called Ronnie radke haters I hope u will help stop them





Do you have a link to them? I haven’t heard this before now!

Sorry I can’t give a link as I am on a phone but just search Ronnie radke haters and you should find them

Okay, found it. I read through a few of the asks and to be honest, I don’t think that person cares what Ronnie’s fans have to say. My advice to all of you is to not waste your time because that person isn’t worth it. He/she is just hateful and bored and by sending asks you’re giving him/her the satisfaction of bothering you! Ronnie would laugh in that person’s face and so should you! 

I know Ronnie would laugh it off I just don’t like the way he is saying things about him it’s horrible

I totally understand where you’re coming from but try not to let things like that bother you! (This goes for everyone commenting on that blog) There will always be people who don’t like Ronnie but that’s okay, you know? They have their opinions and yeah, it’s really awful sometimes, but it’s just not worth letting it get to you. :) 

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allthelittlepiecesfallandshatter asked: hihi I just wanna thank you for existing ily(:

Aww this is so sweet, thank you (:

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