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allthelittlepiecesfallandshatter asked: hihi I just wanna thank you for existing ily(:

Aww this is so sweet, thank you (:

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beware3001 asked: Y don't u put more willow pics up?

I’ll start putting more up!

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Anonymous asked: Jenna King got rich on her own!!! Her show pays her a couple thousand per episode.

I think that person meant before the show! But yes, I think she’s more successful now with the show (:

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Anonymous asked: Jenna king wasn't born rich. Her dad was in the Air Force and on her show she said they didn't have money growing up! She had a 55 year old rich boyfriend who bought her stuff and gave her money and she posed with his private jets. It even said on southern charm.

Thanks for the info!

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Anonymous asked: I personally love Jenna King❤️ she's not a model or actress, she's a fashion designer. Plus she was born rich, so she dosent need anymore money.


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