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Anonymous said: I know this blog is about ronnie but I must say I totally love max. He's so freakin hot.

Love Max :)

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Anonymous said: Hell ya this is the best radke blog 😘


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Anonymous said: Congrats to the anonymous genius that knows more about radke than the admin of this blog 👏. You should totally make yet another Radke blog like the 46895 already on tumblr.

Right?! Lmao

but this one’s the best right? :p

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Anonymous said: To the ignorant anon, all a moron has to do is follow ronnie on Twitter and Instagram to know anything about him. No need to come here talking shit to the admin. So be gone little moron.

Thank you :)

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Anonymous said: XD i know more about him & falling in reverse than you do. You can't even answer all these questions

Would you like a fucking award? 

Lmao I’m a full time college student and I work off campus as well as having a life. I don’t have as much time on my hands to track his every move.

If you’d like to start a Ronnie blog and answer the questions you go right ahead :)

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Anonymous said: Talk about bands and shit

bands and shit

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Anonymous said: I want to hug you

Aw ❤️

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Anonymous said: Fuck


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pinkypants93 said: Gosh, I really wish I could go the FIR concert with BVB, but I probably most likely don't have enough money!!!....who has money for that shit anymore anyway?? :(

I’m with you girl :(

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Anonymous said: are you going to the falling in reverse concert with BVB?

Unfortunately I don’t think so. I’m super low on money right now :’(

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