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My goal in life is to have a relationship like theirs

falling in reverse vans warped tour july 13th 2014 hartford, ct
(by kelly hamilton)

Untitled on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/128123106

// ufffff he’s too fierce on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/128774173
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Anonymous said: Hi Is It True Tht U And Crissy Broke Up

Little late but yes haha
Also I’m not Ronnie :p

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Anonymous said: I don't doubt that anon who said she had sex with ronnie. Back then he was known for hooking up with fans. He still does. Lucky bitches :D


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Anonymous said: To the anon asking about why Ron Ficarro isn't with fir, it's because ronnie wanted to help out max again plus because Ron was working on his own album. So ronnie was kinda helping them all out.


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Anonymous said: Thank you for having a flawless blog 💜

Aw thank you for following (:

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Anonymous said: Do u know why Ron Ficarro isn't with fir anymore?

No, I don’t :( I’m not sure they ever really told us that info

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whyliner said: Yooo!!! I'm a big fan of ya so do you think you could promo my ronnie fan blog? nbd if not I just put a lot of work into it and would appreciate more followers u feel B))) thank u!!! (url is hellaradke)



Falling In Reverse at the AP Awards Monday.
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You know what’s funny..? When people who hate someone actually take time out of their day to physically sit down at their computer, type in the name of a blog and send a message saying they don’t like the blog…… Tell me where the fucking logic in that is

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Anonymous said: I wish I could post the pics of me and ronnie having sex but I don't want to show who I am. I would get bombarded with stupid fan girl hate on my asks. So ya I'm not trolling I just don't want anyone to know who I am. Sorry if this wasn't appropriate to share with you guys. I sometimes forget how young his fan base is. Sowwie :'(

You could blur out or block your face lol

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